The city (re)constructed. Post-war restoration of the stately buildings in Poznań - temporary exhibition

75 years ago a major portion of Poznań’s downtown was changed into a sea of destruction. As the peace was finally established, the rebuilding of the destroyed city became the key issue. The decision about its potential form became the subject of a discussion among the experts, decision makers and the residents themselves.

It is worth mentioning that today’s architectural and urban view of the city is the result of immense intellectual work of the people involved in the project. The final effect, born out of the clash of various competing ideas, was influenced by archaeological and conservation discoveries as well as by the convictions and social and political expectations of the time.

The post-war reconstruction of the Old Town centres in Poland, realized as part of prof. Jan Zachwatowicz’s plan, was an extraordinary, unprecedented achievement, of which Poznań is a perfect example.

Script: Maksym Kempiński

script consultation:  dr Iwona Błaszczyk

Arrangement:  KPS.ARCHI

Visual identity design: Stwory Studio

Coordination: Anna Pikuła, Maksym Kempiński

Translation into English: Dorota Piwowarczyk

Production: TRAKT Cultural Tourism Centre

Cooperation: Biuro Miejskiego Konserwatora Zabytków,  CYRYL Cyfrowe Repozytorium Lokalne

Patronage: Narodowy Instytut Architektury i Urbanistyki, Narodowy Instytut Dziedzictwa

Newspaper research: Bartosz Balewicz, Barbara Kwaśniewska, Joanna Łopion, Aneta Piebiak,

Contemporary photos: Łukasz Gdak, Bartosz Małolepszy, Jarosław Tritt, CVK

The exhibition features iconographic material from: Archiwum Państwowe in Poznań, Biblioteka Kórnicka PAN, Biblioteka Raczyńskich, Biblioteka Uniwersytecka in Poznań, Biuro Miejskiego Konserwatora Zabytków in Poznań, Cyfrowe Repozytorium Lokalne CYRYL, Instytut Architektury, Urbanistyki i Ochrony Dziedzictwa Wydziału Architektury Politechniki Poznańskiej, Muzeum Narodowe in Poznań, Narodowe Archiwum Cyfrowe,  Pracownia JB72, Wojewódzki Urząd Ochrony Zabytków in Poznań, Wydział Urbanistyki i Architektury Urzędu Miasta Poznania, as well as materials from inheritors’ private collections: Ewa and Małgorzata Czarkowska, Maria Sawicka, Krystyna Sławska-Pawłowska, Małgorzata Szulc, Roman Trojanowicz, Stanisław Wiktor, Lech Zielonacki.

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