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Individual tours of the exposition

Individual tour is the basic way to familiarize yourself with our exposition. This option is available not only for individuals coming on their own but also for organized groups. In both cases, the role of a human tour guide is replaced by an audio guide available in 8 languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Czech, Ukrainian and Polish).

For adults, we recommend the Individual/Adult Tour and for families –  in all configurations – with children from  5 – 10 years old – a Family Tour.

The Family Tour is a game presented as a travel in a time machine throughout the ages of the cathedral Island history. Many adventures with riddles and tasks to do are awaiting you!

For organized groups (16 years old and above) we recommend individual tour which will help them to explore our exposition by using all available multimedia. In this way visitors have freedom of choice of information according to personal preferences and they are in charge of how much time they want to spend here.


Useful information :

  • Offer for individual and organized groups 16 years old and above
  • A group consists of minimum 10 and maximum 30 people
  • Approximate tour time:

– individual: 90 minutes

– family tour: 60 minutes

For more information call 0048 61 647 7634



fot. Ł. Gdak

fot. Ł. Gdak

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