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Foreign language guided tours of the exposition

(student exchanges and organized tourist groups from other countries)


For international groups (above 16 years old) we offer individual/adult tours which will allow all participants to familiarize themselves with our exposition by means of various available multimedia presentations. In such a way the participants are free to choose information that interests them individually. There are guided by audio guides which are available in English, German, Spanish, French, Czech, Ukrainian or Russian.

For the organized groups we prepared also various theme tours. You will be taken on a fascinating travel in time over a period of more than a thousand years with a guide who speaks fluent English. You will be equipped with devices through which you will be able to hear not only the voice of the guide but also many recordings and sound effects which will significantly enhance your touring experience. Groups are guided then according to a special script since the purpose of the tour is to explore a given topic which is a part of the Cathedral Island story.


Selection of theme tours:


  • Reach out to heritage

Subject: Cathedral Island is the cradle of Poland as a state. Getting to know it will help you understand the subsequent history of the entire country. The influence of the former inhabitants of the island on shaping the nation’s history will be discussed by the English speaking guide. The guide will adjust the story to fit the needs of the participants as well as to their level of knowledge about the Polish culture.

Time: 75 minutes



Useful information:

  • Organized groups: a group should have a minimum 10 and maximum 30 people
  • Minimum age of participants of the guided tour: 13
  • Minimum age for the individual/adult tour: 16
  • Tickets purchases and reservations must be made minimum 7 days in advance at the Porta Posnania reservation desk or by calling: 61 647 7629  Tuesday – Friday 9 am – 2 pm
  • Price: Group ticket for the exposition: 11.00 PLN or “3 in 1” combined group ticket: 12.00 PLN
  • Guided tour fee: 60.00 PLN per group. Groups of students, seniors and the disabled are exempt from the guided tour fees.
  • For more information call 61 647 7629 (Reservations) or: 61 647 7634 (Information)



fot. Ł. Gdak

fot. Ł. Gdak

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