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Porta Posnania offers a vibrant and exciting programme of events and courses for various groups including children, teenagers, groups with special education needs and disabilities, teachers, families and seniors.




Our wide range of education activities and resources supports the school curriculum. We use various methods to suit the needs of every class, topic and age group. These include fun physical and drama activities, the use of props, discussions and educational games. Workshops are held at the exhibition, in the workshop room and on the Cathedral Island. We also offer special sessions for the learners of English as an additional language and for international school exchange groups.



We have prepared a special offer of workshops for international school exchange groups. We want to create a space where pupils have the opportunity to engage, work together and discover the history of the Cathedral Island. We also want to inspire them to explore their heritage as well as the heritage of other places, countries and nations. Workshops are held fully in English (they are aimed at mixed groups of Polish and foreign participants). Our offer comprises the following sessions:


Free your legend

Junior high and secondary school groups

English language proficiency level: A2, B1, B2

Topic: Mieszko I and Dobrawa, baptism of Poland, legend, St. Peter’s sword

Aims: discovering the cultural heritage of the city/country, creative thinking, development of narrative and communication skills, group integration

Methods: active listening, text analysis, worksheets – creating legends, presentation, group work



Junior high and secondary school groups

English language proficiency level: A2, B1, B2

Topic: team building, associations game, discovering items found on the Cathedral Island and the buildings on the Island

Aims: group integration, creative thinking, discovering the cultural heritage of the city/country

Methods: active listening, group play, card game “Associated  with history”, mini lecture



Active participation in culture, experiencing the national heritage and an opportunity to be creative are an essential part of the development of SEND children and teenagers. We believe that equal access to culture and heritage education is not simply a luxury but a basic right. Hence we have prepared a versatile education programme for integrated classrooms, young people with hearing impairment and groups with special education needs and disabilities. During our multi- sensory workshops held in the safe and friendly space of Porta Posnania young people can boost their confidence and acquire new skills.



Bearing in mind the key role of teachers and educators, we want to meet their needs and expectations. Thus we provide teachers with many opportunities for professional development through meetings, seminars and our specially devised programme “Szkoła Dziedzictwa” (School of Heritage). All interested are also welcome to use our free teaching resources available at our website.



Porta Posnania is a place where you can have a good time with your whole family. Join us to learn more about the Cathedral Island and have fun. Throughout the year, on selected Saturdays, we organise free workshops and family events. In a family atmosphere you can discover the secrets of the Island and spend time creatively.



Porta Posnania is a senior-friendly institution. Our special offer for seniors includes workshops for groups and individuals, sessions for grandparents and grandchildren as well as guided tours for groups. Through various activities we want to spark interest in history in an atmosphere of creative work and intellectual challenge.



To ensure the highest quality of our education programme we follow several steps when creating workshops and education events. First, we recognize the needs of our intended participants. Then we write scripts and choose the best methods, forms and materials for each workshop. When all the materials are ready, we start running pilot workshops to test our ideas and, if necessary, make some adjustments in terms of the choice of topic and form. After the pilot sessions, the workshops are introduced into our offer. We also make regular assessment of all our education activities. This approach allows us to create workshops and events that meet the expectations of our visitors and to ensure that our offer maintains the highest standards.

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