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It is hard to list how many various meanings the word “island” has. It can be geographic, nature oriented ,historic, political, cultural and also – metaphoric. Separation from the mainland, though it can be associated with danger, has huge creative trends, opening up to differences and building new order.
Porta Posnania, thanks to its exceptional location on the historic map of Poznań wants to open its door and invite us to creativity on the island. The name” Strowie/Islets” is a wordplay deriving from the old terms describing an island located in the middle of a river or a lake.
Highlighting the eclectic character of the institution, which combines cultural heritage, nature, history, unusual architecture and unique neighborhood we invite the artists and animators with open mind to create a joint program of events as experimental residences in 2017.

Experimental residences “Strowie/Islets” are meant for creators and animators from Poland and other countries and include the following fields:
– architecture/ design
– ecology
– social animation

We would like those fields to be treated creatively, as a starting point, opening to various form of activities.

The deadline to apply is 2017/01/31
Individuals as well as formal and informal groups are welcome to apply.

We guarantee:
– work and meeting space
– budget to finalize the project and royalty fee
– accommodation assistance
– production and substantive support

We expect:
– project implementation along with the final event from the chosen fields (one per individual/ group) connected with the activities of Porta Posnania with culture and nature specifics of the Cathedral Island, Środka and Zagórze – which are places in the immediate neighborhood of Porta Posnania.
– reading and accepting the residence regulations (participating in recruitment is equivalent to accepting the regulations)
Center of Cultural Tourism TRAKT is the operator of: Porta Posnania – first in Poland center of heritage interpretation and a city tourist route : “The Royal – Imperial Route.



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