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Animals of Cybina – temporary exhibition







This summer we have prepared for you a special encounter with animals living right next to us in the valley of the Cybina River. We would like to invite especially families with children to our exhibition, however adult visitors will also find here many interesting topics.

The exhibition presents animals living in our neighborhood – in the valleys of the rivers flowing through Poznań, city parks, gardens, ponds and other green areas. We can see them on a daily basis while we are taking a stroll, working in the garden or spending time by the river. The exhibition comprises a series of panels depicting various parts of the urban jungle. A keen observer will notice animals hiding in the forest of skyscrapers, in the bulrush of road signs and in the streams of streets. As you search for the species and find them one by one at the exhibition, you will learn more about the habits of the animals living in the city. The arrangement of the panels is complemented with educational stands which help young visitors learn more about the animals depicted at the exhibition through various activities.



Temporary exhibition 6.07. – 15.09.2019

Free entrance!

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